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4 January 2009

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The Flame
16 December 2008

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Three is a Crowd
11 December 2008

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5 December 2008

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1 December 2008

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18 November 2008

Recent Comments

katalog firm on The Circle and the Squares
great shot,exellent colours and details

Yvon on The Circle and the Squares
wonderful shot

Will on The Set
great the details and tones:)

Curly on Shop-house Window
Good detail shot, a wee bit short of contrast though.

jpboies on Table Setting
I like this... I'm not sure why and how, but I feel it looks like a miniature set, maybe it's the light or ...

Marie on As the Rain Lifts
très belle atmosphère.

Yvon on As the Rain Lifts
very nice sky shot

dideban on As the Rain Lifts
4 star's my frind

Curly on Breathtaking
Bracing sea air, nothing better! Love the vignette.

Zora Zoé on Breathtaking
Oh, reckoning this makes very happy - such a beautiful image in phantastic colours - love it!

Bishop on Fly By
Great processing - I love it! :)

k@ on White Out
I hear blizzard, is there anybody indoors ? White hut out is beautiful*

mjrijo on White Out
simple and beuatiful..I love it

k@ on Keep the Fire Bruning
Like a painting, with light**

Bishop on Hot Dog
LOL Cute! :)

mjrijo on Hot Dog
:))) Very good!!!

Shailaja on Hot Dog
hehehe! :D Good one!

rem_la on Hot Dog
une star est née !

Bishop on Purple Swamphen
A fun shot - like seen through a night vision goggle! :)

Sof on Purple Swamphen

mjrijo on Purple Swamphen

Yvon on Uniformity
great shot, nice colors

Louis Hebert on Uniformity
nice use of the flourescent coloring. Adds a mystique to the statues.

kisskool on Uniformity
great ambience, the shoot is good

Yvon on Lady Heron
excellent capture

Samuel Kerk on Peek-a-boo
fantastic photo...looks unreal...

Nadia Olisa on If you cook it, they well come... in droves
haha i think you meant to say, " if you cook it, they WILL come in droves" not WELL. silllyman.

Courtney King on If you cook it, they well come... in droves
Great colours!

Yvon on If you cook it, they well come... in droves
wow sympatic barbecue, I am hungry

Laurie on If you cook it, they well come... in droves
Mmmm...I can almost smell the wonderful aromas.

Courtney King on Night Fog
Love it! Great light!

Laurie on Keeping Cocky
It is so cool to see them in the "wild". Great shot.

Yvon on Keeping Cocky
lovely shot, nice capture

Vachel on Keeping Cocky
great shot like they are dating on the street lights...

Melissa Peony Ko on Peek-a-boo
Hey, is that real? That's an amazing photo!

Yvon on Peek-a-boo
nice shot beautiful colors

Laurie on Peek-a-boo
Love it. The color pops. I thought he was a stuffed toy at first.

Nadia Olisa on Peek-a-boo
haha nice! even though i've seen it so many times, it's still so nice!! :) Good job!

LauraS on Peek-a-boo
Wow, how colorful! Great capture.

ishm on Peek-a-boo
Is it the real thing? Cool colours.

Magnifique hommage a nos anciens

Onlymehdi on Loss

Laurie on Solemnity
Before I read your title I thought that this looked like a very solemn moment. Quite and emotional shot.

ishm on Solemnity
Great captured moment..

kooshan on Solemnity
nice job

Manu on Search
nice caption!

Fishit on Mount Up
I like the use of depth here, nice isolation.

Fishit on Calvary
Nice capture, very life real, moments in time.

Laurie on Twirl
I love the intensity and colors. The blur adds to that intensity.

mohammad.jenab on On the Fence
nice shot.great scene.thank you

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